About Us – It’s About YOU

We are all military veterans! We are all superhero women (even if we wouldn’t normally describe ourselves in that way)–it is the truth. We are united in a common bond because we served!

Let’s build this Community together!

My name is Shawna O’Brien (retired Air Force). I invite you to participate in this special, online environment. I built this site for us to have a way to support each other, to give a “shout out” or “hey, girl” to someone’s successes, to uplift fellow veteran women having a hard time, and to offer a marketplace for our crafts and small businesses.

The day we took off the uniform for the last time marked the most significant transition of our lives, aside from birth. For some of us, the transition was easy peasy. For others, it has been extraordinarily difficult. Let’s circle around the campfire and share our stories.

YOUR story WILL help someone. — And your virtual hug will help us all.

Peace and Hugs, Lady Warriors.

Ours is the nation’s principal women veterans online COMMUNITY. Let’s make it AMAZING!

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